Explorations in Thai Massage: Mastery & Review, Zagreb, Croatia

This is an advanced 4-day workshop for Thai massage practitioners. The course presents and discusses a wide variety of concepts and advanced techniques that may be combined into individualized sequences for working with different types of clients. There is a module for each body position: supine, prone, side-lying, and seated. The supine and prone modules offer guidelines to work the legs, hips and back with the feet, and the side-lying module reviews techniques and concepts for working with pregnant women and people with special conditions. The seated-position module presents and reviews a variety of techniques for the back, shoulders, and neck. Each student explores techniques that they already know, and inserts the newly-learned techniques into appropriate places in their sequences.

Every day we give and receive one hour of silent Thai massage, based on the techniques that we learn and practice for each body position. Special attention is paid to client assessment, elemental predisposition, breathing patterns, graceful flow, and awareness of which techniques and treatment concepts may be beneficial, unnecessary, or contraindicated for each client.

Each day there is synthesis; group discussion; sharing of experiences as givers and receivers; and review and refinement of new techniques and concepts. Thai sen sip theory is practiced, and we trace and work with the major sen lines of the body, while searching for blockages and area of referred pain. The teacher works with individuals according to their own needs. Each morning begins with yoga and core-strengthening exercises and a period of silent meditation. A traditional wai khru is performed at the beginning and end of each day.

Substantial study and practice of Thai massage is required to take this course, as determined by the organizer.

Join us for an advanced and exploratory course that can help to change the way you practice Thai massage.


Explorations in Thai Massage: Mastery & Review, Zagreb, Croatia – October 5-8, 4 days

At: Haber Bodywork

Address: held at the beautiful Velvet Pepper Studio, Zagreb

Registration: Facebook page

Cost: €550 (€ 500 before August 15)

4-days / 25 hours – Zagreb, Croatia

for more information or to register, contact: davorhaber@gmail.com